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Here are the top ten articles for the Hot & Spicy Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. Fried Calamari Recipe
Do you love fried calamari but have never cooked it? It's easy to do, the trick is not to over-cook the little tubes.

2. Brown Rice Jambalaya Recipe
Brown rice jambalaya. A healthier version of a traditional taste. Commonly used white rice has been replaced with brown. Lighten meal; serve smaller portions, add a salad of Boston lettuce and plum tomatoes.

3. Cheddar-Chipotle Mashed Potatoes Recipe
This cheddar-chipotle mashed white potatoes recipe is quick and easy because it starts with leftover mashed potatoes and uses garlic flakes and onion flakes.

4. Broccoli Rabe and Sausage With Pasta Recipe
Broccoli rabe and hot Italian sausage with pasta, I first had this delicious blend at a small Italian restaurant in New York City. My friend and I sat outside at a table so small, our wine bottle was placed in a bucket on the ground. It did not matter, the food was delicious.

5. Strawberry-Jalapeño Salsa Recipe
This no cook sweet and spicy-hot strawberry-jalapeño salsa can be served as a relish or chutney for pork, baked or broiled chicken or fish.

6. Cheese Straws
Cheese straws are an old treat. These long, thin tidbits are often served at adult party's but children like the gentle bite of them as well. This recipe is easy and timeless.

7. Fruit Cobbler Recipe
Here in eastern United States the weather is getting chilly. Although fruit cobbler is great anytime, it is especially good in cool weather. Serving hot and spicy Chili or spicy wings? Bring on the fruit cobbler.

8. Spicy Potato Wedges Recipe
When grilling, how about serving how about spicy oven-cooked potato wedges instead of plain French fries? The recipe below makes enough tender wedges for a backyard party.

9. Spicy Oven-Fried Oysters Recipe
If you like fried oysters you will love these oven-fried oysters with spicy cocktail sauce. Makes a great appetizer.

10. Grilled Chicken Stick - Yakitori Recipe
Yakitori is flavorful marinated grilled chicken on a stick or skewer. It is my understanding that there are yakitori stands and restaurants all over Japan and that they are favorite 'stop by' spots for office workers.

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